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Greyscale and Colour Art


Inkraven, (c) 2015 (India Ink)

A Note from the Artist:

The surreal life often takes unexpected turns and takes on a story like quality. It's hard to follow all of it sometimes or to even see the correlations and ironies when you're in the midst of them, but afterwards when the dust has settled and it is possible to see the patterns. It's sometimes draining, sometimes inspiring, and sometimes it just makes you raise an eyebrow and wonder how in the world that last adventure even worked, or if there's a rewind/edit button to allow a do-over.

Art is sometimes the escape needed in rough times, or it can cement and solidify a thought and give it life. It's a dangerous endeavor to commit thoughts to paper and give them form for others to see, to judge, to interpret. Most of the time with surrealists the interpretation by others is safely different than the original intent, but other times even the most vague references allow others to see the soul behind it. It can be freeing or painful, but rarely without merit.